Solution Engineering

We have the experience that you need when it comes to creating the next experience you need for your venue.

Experience Design RW

Fred Segal Indoor Outdoor LED

Digital Aquarium

Scope Art Bazel Miami Window Projection Mapping

LED vs Projection

Experience Room

Here we demonstrate a whole-room takeover deployment for that we presented to T-Mobile.

Projection Door

BMW Window Projection Mapping

Venue Design - Venue Tech Install - Venue Management - Graphics - Event Design

Let AdsWork design a venue for you that will really leave the impression you want on the attendees. Would you like to know more? Contact us at:

Wynwood Art Bazel Miami Live Art Projection Mapping


Beverly Hills Madison Window Projection Mapping


Connect iT

Kush Event

Projection Dome Entertainment

Cypress Hill

3D Penn Station

3D Airport

Mitsubishi Glass Projection Billboard

Panorama Miami Window Projection Mapping

Projection Mapping 3D Hologram Stage Design

LCD WAll Projection 3D Animation Motion Graphics Venue One

Projection Mapping 3D Animation IPW

Experience Control

Watch as with a press of a button in the app, media can switch throughout the space, giving visitors a totally different ambiance. Would you like to know more? Contact us at:

Stage Design Projection Mapping 3D Modeling 3D Aniamtion IPW Mainstage

Projection Mapping 3D Millenium Park

Projection Sticker Mapping

Cypress Hill


Graffiti Labs

EV Dome Entertainment Park